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Gail Deschamps, Artistic Director                                                                                  Tracy Hellriegel, Executive Director

2018-2020 Board of Directors


Elizabeth Ard                         Executive Assistant, Retired

Carroll, Brian PHD                Communications Department Head, Berry College

Carter, Amanda                    Rome City Downtown Development Authority

Fischer, Suzanne                  Clinical Psychologist

Gill, Cynthia                           Profile Custom Extrusions

Hershey, Jonathan PHD       Dean of Humanities, Georgia Highlands College

Pilgrim, Carey                        Attorney, McRae, Stegall, Peek, Harman, Smith & Manning, LLP

Smith, Lisa                             Director, Greater Rome Convention and Visitors Bureau

Stevenson, Sundai               Rome City Commission

Todino, Joel MD                     Internist, Retired


2019-2020 Board of Advisors

Asbury MD, Greg                   Lighting  and Sound

Brinson, Tina                          Fund-Raising Expert

Byington, Janet                       Real Simple Solutions: Strategic Planning/Grants

Davidson, Cindy                     Georgia Highlands College

Holt, Thom W                         Real Estate

Shealy, Lee                              Ready or Not

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