Rome Shakespeare Festival 2020

Congratulations to the cast of 

Comedy of Errors: 

Duke Solinus/Angelo- Danny Price

Antipholus of Syracuse- Isaac Bracket

Dromio of Syracuse- Allison Clark

First Merchant- Shannon Kislat

Antipholus of Ephesus- Russell Evans

Dromio of Ephesus- Aubry Dorsey

Adriana- Mary Beth Morrison

Luciana- Sophia Vesser

Second Merchant- Haley Pendleton

Courtesan- Constanza Sweeny

Officer/Jailor-Taylor Richie

Balthasar/Lady Abbess- Ashleigh Woodall

Egeon/Nell/Pinch- Daniel Murchland

Messenger- TBD

Congratulations to the cast of 

Romeo & Juliet

Romeo: Reed Castrejon
Mercutio: Dylan Lester
Benvolio: Lee Lynn
Juliet: Liz Sufill
Tybalt: Bryson Rosales

Story Tellers:
Kendall Morang
Annalyn McPherson
Garrett McPherson
Doris Moore
Madison Wood
Waverly Waits

Show starts at 6pm each night
Family Day, Saturday, September 26th
12:00noon: Songs and Dances from Winnie the Pooh
1:00pm: Latin Dancers
2:00pm: Romeo & Juliet
3:30pm: Rome Youth Symphony 
4;00pm: Desiree Whatley Green, Maggie Grace Brinson & Miriam Loya
6:00pm: Romeo & Juliet
6:45pm: Comedy of Errors

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Rome, Georgia 

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