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Creative Writing Lesson Plan Sample

Integrating art, drama and music with core state standards of reading and writing.

Creative Writing Lesson Plan:
A Midsummer Night's Dream

This study guide is intended to complement class readings with historical context, synopsis and vocabularly, and to make one of Shakespeare's most well-known comedies easier to understand and enjoy.

A Midsummer Night's Dream study guide: 


A ferocious, riveting and interactive performance that will keep student mesmerized. 

Hamlet Study Guide 

Romeo & Juliet

Famous for its poetic treatment of the ecstasy of youthful love, Romeo & Juliet dramatizes the fate of two lovers victimized by the feuds and misunderstandings of their elders and by their own hasty temperaments. In addition to complementing class readings, the Romeo & Juliet study guide works to help students understand Shakespeare's language and appreciate one of the greatest love stories ever told. 

Romeo & Juliet study guide: 


Help teach the riveting tale of witches, spellbinding sorcery, ambition, murder, and revenge! 

Macbeth study guide: