Upcoming Auditions: Held at The RAD Playhouse

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List of Characters:

Geoffrey Crayon - The Gentleman Story Teller: Great story teller, age not important

Ichabod Crane - a hapless and superstitious schoolteacher and a newcomer to Sleepy Hollow, age range 25-35

Katrina Van Tassell - the beautiful daughter of a wealthy Dutch farmer; Ichabod wants to marry her, age range 18-28

Grishilda - Katrina's friend, age 18-28

Anne - Katrina's friend, age 18-28

Abraham Von Brunt (Brom Bones) - Katrina’s other suitor and is known for his strength, age 25-35

Kermit - Brom Bones friend, age range 25-35

Bruce - Brom Bones friend, age range 25-35

Baltus Van Tassel (Katrina’s father) - a wealthy, thriving, contented Dutch farmer, satisfied with his wealth but not proud of it age range 40-60

Edith Van Tassell - Katrina's mother, age range 40-60

Hans Van Ripper - a local farmer, age range 30-40

Sally Van Riper - Hans' wife, age range 30-40

Amelia Van Ripper - daughter of Hans and Sally, student of Ichabod, age range

Mrs Moribund (a widow, age range 40-?)

Parson Brouwer (the minister, age range 30-50)

Tessa - town gossip, age range 20-50

Ambrosia - another town gossip, age range 20-50

Rupert - messenger boy, age range 10-20

Students: age range  8-15

Lars Leuwenhoek

Pieter Leuwenhoek

Anki Rotmensen

Daphne Danker

Margaret Van Huff

Deidrich Knickerbocker - the chronicler

July 26 & 27th, 6pm

233 N 5th Avenue, Rome, Georgia

Please arrive 5:45pm to complete your audition form or you can download and complete the form below in advance. 

Come with a prepared monologue, 60-90 seconds. We will also do some cold reads. 

Call backs: TBD

If you have questions,

please call 706-331-1006